Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is Spring Really Coming This Year???

Is Spring Really Coming This Year???

Send Us Some Hope People!

Now this is Spring!  

Maple flowers are blooming along the Concord River in Lowell according to Sally Farrow, Mass. Audubon Educator, who submitted this welcome show of color 

What signs of Spring are you seeing at your sites?  Send em along. 

Come see some signs of a late Spring at Harvard Forest on April 9th- Spring Workshop for Teachers
email Pamela Snow at: psnow@fas.harvard.edu to register

Lise Letellier says Spring is Coming to her Schoolyard pictured above in Chicopee, MA.

Susan Cox, Conservation Educator  says:

Making syrup is a sure sign.
Here’s a great article from VT Public Radio

Send us any signs of Spring you and your students can find...

We are desperate for them....

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Web of Sensors Enfolds an Entire Forest to Uncover Clues to Climate Change

03OLHarvardTrees21-1424799273612.jpg 03OLHarvardTrees22-1424799302887.jpg

 To see one of the best articles available to show you the complex way modern ecologists are getting the information they need at Harvard Forest.  A well-researched HF feature article in IEEE Magazine, written by an MIT Knight Fellow who visited the Forest last spring. The article focuses on the tech that helps us understand our woods:

Please show your kids this article :)

Link : Web of Sensors Enfolds an Entire Forest to Uncover Clues to Climate Change

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Show us  your Snow!  

Schoolyard Field Sites in Winter

J.R. Briggs Elementary School, Ashburnham, MA

Blazing a trail to our field site!

Submitted by Kate Bennett

 Views from the North in New Hampshire

Hemlock Field Site

Exeter High School, Exeter New Hampshire

Submitted by Debra Kimball

Buds/Leaves Field Site

Hanover High School, Hanover New Hampshire

Submitted by Maryann Postans

From the East

Submitted by Janet Gordon

Views from Drumlin Farm Vernal Pool Field Sites

Concord Carlisle H.S. Eco-monitoring in Snow

Deer Rub? at Bathtub Pond


Eco Monitors Checking Ice Pond                 Rabbit Sign at Shopping Cart Vernal Pool 

Photos by Sally Farrow, Drumlin Farm

Central Massachusetts

Trinity Catholic Academy, Southbridge, Ma.  

I think we have enough snow!!!     Submitted by Colleen Casey

F.W Parker Charter School,Devens Ma.

From the West

Trudging out into the Woods                                                           Snow Depth?                                              

Observing the field site in Winter

Hawlemont Elementary School, Charlemont, Ma.

Submitted by Stephen Bechtel


Our after school vernal pool group finally made it up to the pool on March 6th ( all kitted out with snowshoes) We drilled down through 50 cm of frozen ice/snow to find water (very smelly but water none the less). 

Submitted by Judy Gibson

Holyoke Catholic High School

Swallowed by Snow 
This is one of my study trees. I wonder when it will be free!

Lise Letellier

Did you know we can take scientific measurements  with something we call a Snow Pillow?

Harvard Forest Snow Pillow
The snow pillow, as pictured at left, measures the water content (snow water equivalent) of the snowpack during the winter months. Data for the current month are posted on the harvard Forest website at: archived snow pillow data .

See real time graphs such as the one at right for graphs of selected variables. - real-time-data-graphs