Friday, October 21, 2016

Ode to Fall Foliage

 Just for Fun...


Sassafrass from Above
Witch Hazel in Red (horticultural variety)
Red Gum and Hemlock from Below
Peach colored Fern
Witch hazel Flowers (Native)
Leaves of 3, Admire Me (Poison Ivy)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Summer into Fall; Buds, Leaves and Global Warming Project Updates

Before going outside for further practice, teachers tried out their new field ecology resources to aid them in identifying samples of native tree branches.  Project Ecologist, John O'Keefe introduced the project protocol and related scientific concepts. Here teachers are beginning to identify and label the 6 study leaves on each branch, with help from Dr. O'Keefe and Mentor Teachers.

 Mentor Teachers, Louise Levy and Maryanne Rotelli shared some tricks of the trade that they have learned over several years of engaging their High School students in the Buds, Leaves, and Global Warming study.

 Here is some of what teachers said was valuable about the Summer Institute:

This was a great introduction to this study. It was made simple which truly adds to the likelihood of implementation and success.

This study will allow me to engage multiple levels of students at my school in this research.
How to use citizen science effectively in the classroom

Going through the protocol so that I know exactly what my students will be doing and what pitfalls they may encounter.

How to set up the project and advice from mentor teachers

The study of phenology and how students can document the relationship between biotic and abiotic factors (plant leaf drop & on with weather).

The experience of trying out the protocol from the student perspective

Tree ID and learning how quick and easy it can be to implement this into the classroom.

I think the facility was great and the mentor teachers were very helpful. Thank you for having them.

Moving into Fall.....

Students from New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York City, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have begun collecting data on leaf color change and drop at their schoolyards. 

 Students Students from Shore Country Day School in Beverly, Ma. measure leaf lengths for the first field visit only.

Students from Wahconah High School in Dalton Ma. up in the Berkshires (left)are monitoring their trees Teacher, April LesSage reported: The leaves are slowly changing.  We are just seeing some start this week.  

Brooklyn Technical High School Field Site in New York's Fort Greene Park

Students are out collecting data on leaves in the schoolyard of Wilson Middle School,Natick,Ma.

Views from Hollis-Brookline High School in New Hampshire (left),  and Williston Northampton School, Western Mass.( right).

Thanks  to teachers, Robin Koval ,April LeSage, Elisa Margarita, Jane Lucia, Kate Bennett,Maryanne Rotelli, Sheila Pogarian for sharing the photos above.

Foliage Images North to South  From the Phenocam Network

Bartlett Forest
White Mountains, New Hampshire
Phenocam Image

Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA  Phenocam 9-30-16

Austin Preparatory School, Reading, MA.   Phenocam Image

Academy Hill School
Springfield MA
Phenocam Image


Carey Institute
New York
Phenocam Image

The big question many of us are asking is:  

Will this summer's drought impact the timing and beauty of fall colors????

See the following video and article in to get a look at what some experts are predicting:

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